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How did you know about the castle?
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Foto: Krzysztof Pęczalski

The exact time when the castle was built, isn?t known. The year 1621 is considered to be the beggining of the works as far as the castle is concerned. However, at the main gate the year1631 can be seen. At that time ujazd was known as Krzysztopór. Wawrzyniec Senes- Italian architect is associated with the castle in Ujazd.He was asked by Jerzy Ossoliński to renovate the castle and to build the chapel in Ossolin.

Foto: IKZK in Ujazd

This great and pictersque building in Ujazd intended to be the most spectcular castle ever. Before Wersal appeared the castle in Ujazd was the one and the best castle in the whole Europe. Its architecture was rather uncommon; there were as many windows as days of the year, as many rooms as weeks, as many ballrooms as months and as many turrets as sasons of the year. The stables were as luxurious as rooms in the castle.They were made of marble. One of the rooms in the castle instead of the ceiling had a huge aquarium with egzotic fish. The tower with this beautiful room was built on the spring; up to nowadays ther is still water in this spring. On each wall in the castle there was a portrait of the members of the Ossoliński`s family. Those portraits were supposed to show the family?s strength and their merits to the country. Due to the good localisation, Krzysztopór was very difficult to be conqured. Both sides of the castle were surrounded by ravines and on the third side there were marshy lands. Close to the main entrance there was a high tower.

Foto: IKZK in Ujazd

On this tower yuo can see those characteristic symbols Cross and Axe- coat of arms. Through the gate we arrive to the coutryard. Along the courtyard on the both sides there are two-storey buildings. In front of the main entrance ther is a palace with eliptic courtyard. Passing this courtyard we arrive to the rectangular part of the castle. There used to be a representative part of the building with ballroom and dining room. The dining room was on the first floor and a ballroom was above. The room with the aquarium instead of ceiling was situated in octopus turret and it was the last room in this part of the castle. In the northern- east part of the castle there are marble stables. What is more according to the legends there was an underground tunnel and the carriages run from Ujazd to Ossolin. In 1644 Krzysztof Ossoliński who was the provincial governor of Sandomierz gave the castle to his only son Baldwin and after one year Krzysztof Ossoliński died. His son died four years later in the battle i Zborów. The castle in Krzysztopor goes to dynasty: Kalinowski, Denhoff, Morsztyn and Pac. Unfortunatelly its splendour leasts only for eleven years. In 1655 Swedish conquered the castle and all goods were stolen. A few years later some new owners appeared but the castle has never returned to its splendour and luxury. In 1815 there was a new owner- Łempicki`s family who lived near planta. Finally the Orsetts bought the castle and they were the owners up to the end of the Second World War. In this time the government bought the whole area.

Interesting legends.

The Ossoilński`s chronicle says that in 1649 the guards of the castle were waken up by the horses` gallop but to theri surprise they saw only horses instead of the whole army.They saw the owner of the castle- Krzysztof Baldwin. The guards opened the gate but to their surprise no one entered, the horseman dissapeared. After few days people in the castle got a sad message that Krzysztof Baldwin died in the battle in Zborów. It is said that since that time a horseman was seen in the castle. In this old castle apart from a horseman another strange phantome appears ? White Lady. Whenever she appears, nothing good can happen. According to the legend White Lady had a dog which recognizes good or bad people. When the dog barked it indicated that the person was bad then this person was immediately taken to prison.There was a man who knew the habits of this dog and one day he had killed the dog before the guards were called. However, White Lady and her dog still appear in the castle.

Another legend says that there is a great treasure hidden behind the triple doors. Up to now, no one colud find it. Yet, this treasure could be useful for renovating this precious part of history.